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ONE on ONE Coaching

In my one on one (6 week) Stand Out & Get Hired Coaching Program, You will

  • Develop a world class Resume that grabs the attention of employers.

  • Develop a Cover Letter that draws interest to your resume.

  • Develop a Thank You Letter that re-establishes your interest and let them know that you are the right candidate.

  • Develop Interview Skills to help you know exactly what to say to employers that make them want to hire you.

  • Practice Mock Interviews help you develop the confidence and self-esteem as well as charisma that employers look for.

  • Develop Salary and Benefits Negotiation Skills to help you negotiate the best possible salary and benefits.

What does the Coaching Include?

Resume Revamp & Rewrite

We will create a brand-new updated resume.  Your resume speaks the same language of your ideal employers, which will make your resume more competitive than ever!

Cover letter and thank you letter revamp and rewrite

We will create or update your cover letter and thank you letter.  When successfully written, the cover letter can provide important information not found on a resume.

The Thank you Letter not only expresses gratitude for the interview but also reestablishes your interest in the position and maybe also be an opportunity for you to share information not shared during the interview.

Interview scripting

We will create a script to answer commonly asked interview questions.  The answers will be customized to your experience and the position of your interest.

mock interview

We will practice interviews; learn scripts; assess your responses and body language.  We will provide the necessary feedback to help you enhance your performance.

salary negotiations

We will develop a strategy to help you effectively negotiate salary and benefits.

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